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Albuquerque, NM 87108

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Copy and paste the link below to learn a little bit about us and our passion for helping others! We are proud to serve New Mexico children and their families. Come partner with us and join the Caterpillar Family. 


Caterpillar Clubhouse Daycare
Welcomes you!
Here is a little history about us our mission and philosophy.

Caterpillar began as an in home day care in 2014. After need for capacity, Silvia began contemplating opening a center. This dream became a reality in March of 2017. Though our facility is larger, we maintain a personalized care. We believe in "home cooked meals", we have a no frozen food policy. Our nutritional meals are prepared fresh daily. We believe children should be cared for inside and out, from the tip of their head to the tips of their toes.

Our mission at Caterpillar Clubhouse Daycare is to partner with the family to educate and shape bilingual and caring future leaders. 

Our vision is to be a bilingual community respecting one another, learning together, serving others and teaching by example.

We are committed to partnering with parents to educate our children. We instill our core values and principles to help guide children into our communities as future leaders. We foster the development of bilingual skills in children to instill in them a love for language and culture building confidence to navigate an increasingly connected world.

Using a fun and exciting curriculum we foster passionate attitudes toward learning. In additon, an array of materials for play and learning will give each child an opportunity to learn through exploration. Learning flourishes through active thinking and experimenting. 

We recognize the unique characteristics of young children, and it is our goal to help meet their intellectual, emotional, social, and physical needs. Our philosophy is to instill in our children a love of learning.